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Implementing the fundamental principles of Montessori

We believe that a prepared environment is a critical component of the Montessori Method.



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Mary’s Montessori is based on the fundamental principles of Maria Montessori.

  • Independence- The Montessori Method encourages the child to acquire the skills to be able to care for himself, others, and the environment.
  • Observation- The teacher observes each child’s interests and capabilities in order to plan the curriculum and environment accordingly.
  • Movement- The Montessori teacher understands that the child’s intelligence develops in accordance with body movement and hand-eye coordination. Movement is incorporated in every activity throughout the day.
  • Growth & Development- At Mary’s Montessori, each child is enabled to grow and develop according to the plan within him or herself. The teacher ensures that the child is secure within a nourishing environment that meets his physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs.
  • Prepared Environment- We create an environment with order and purpose in order to assist the child in organizing and making sense of the world. Appropriate materials are designed to best fit all of the child’s abilities, interests, and needs. The encouraging and constructive environment also allows the child to develop coordination and independence.
  • Discipline- The Montessori Method provides the child with outward support by establishing structure and limits until the child develops his or her own inner discipline.
  • Freedom- The child is given freedom of choice, time, and repetition. He or she learns to make personal decisions, develops the ability to concentrate and become absorbed in his or her work, and is given the opportunity to repeat a work as often as he or she chooses in order to satisfy an inner developmental need.

These well-maintained principles enable the child to achieve a superior level of accomplishment and development.

childcare in NJ | Lawrenceville, NJ | Mary's Montessori | 609-516-9919


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